Wood Walls 3

30 swatches.

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  1. hola , sorry if i’m disturbing you, i’m writing because you’re the only one who responded to sims4update! i hope it won’t be like joe who ran the sims4blog, he was gone in 2017… on tumblr, kerstin -maxismatchccworld- is also no longer so reliable for sharing content, thank you for reading …btw. I visit Barcelona 2times, its so nice there have a good time! Birksche

    1. hallo! No, no problem at all. I guess we are both concern for whats (not) happening with Sims4Update. I really dont know what to think. They’ve been there since Sims3 (at least that i know) posting almost daily. That’s a lot of work. Maybe they had enough. But still, after all these years, just to vanish? A goodbye post or something would be helpful and thoughtful. I dont know. Maybe they are really on vacations or maybe its a health issue… I guess we can only wait for something to happen. If ever happens something :s

      Ty! It’s nice here indeed :). I’ve never been to Germany, though, but i would love to. Maybe when this covid thing gets to a truly end 😉

      Oh, and if u wanna contact me directly u can write me to: hello@ktasims.com

      Have a nice w/e!!!

      1. …and have you seen? “sims 4 hairs” and” sims 4 downloads” have also shared nothing since 05.april, either these are the same people or they have fetched the stuff from the sims4update page….
        they are since 2009 at the start and i know that they make at least once a year vacation, but it was always announced so far…
        you are right of course, it is a lot of work but a little info would be very helpful…well as you say, we can only wait what happens
        thanks for your email address, i don’t have a smartphone because i don’t want one LOL, and i rarely look in my email box on my pc…so i would rather write on your blog if that’s ok with you?! (just in case)
        whish you the very best ♥
        btw. my english is pretty bad, its translated with “Deepl”

        1. There’s some other websites that only link me when Sims4Updates do, so i guess they are the source for a lot of other (lazy) sharing pages. Probably is the case of those u mentioned.

          Do u share on any other website that is still working? I bet it all with Sims4Updates and now i have way less visits. Not a big issue, ’cause i still have quite a few downloads, but i guess i should start looking for a solution.

          lol, i have a smartphone but not social media (no Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… none of those), so i understand u. Of course, there’s no problem. We can talk here 😉

          And, btw, your English from “Deepl” is perfect! So congrats! haha


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