Curtains 2

175 recolors. 5 packages. 35 swatches each.
- 3x1. Download it here (adfly).
- 2x1. Download it here (adfly).
- 1x1. Download it here (adfly).
- 1x1 Right. Download it here (adfly).
- 1x1 Left. Download it here (adfly).
Or get the whole set with one click here (adfly).

Meshes by NinaeveDesign (needed). Get them here.
You can also get the rod here.

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Collection 4

61 swatches. 4 packages.
- Full Wall Paint (14 recolors from NotEgain's "NotEgain_Walls_ColorfulPlasterWalls_V2". Download them here (MEGA).
- Full Wall Tiles 1 (14 swatches). Download here (adfly).
- Full Wall Tiles 2 (19 swatches). Download here (adfly).
- Half Wall Tiles (14 swatches). Download here (MEGA).
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