Armchair 3

40 recolors.

Mesh by Anidup (needed). Get it here*.

* I've been searching and i can't find any original Anidup website. I believe she retired, so i don't know about her T.O.U. either. I hope its all fine. And if not, please let me know and i'll make the needed corrections. Thx. 
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Curtains 6 (Request)

480 recolors. 12 packages:
- Straight Short / Medium / Tall (40 recolors each)
- Drapes Short (Right and Left) / Medium (Right and Left) / Tall (Right and Left) (40 recolors each)
- Centered Short / Medium / Tall (40 recolors each)

All meshes by Syboulette (needed). Get them here. (I used the linen's meshes).

All fabrics by Laura Ashley.

Merci @fabiennechretiennot pour ton idée :D
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