No more AdFly

Hi everyone!

Since the beginning i've received numerous complaints about the use of Adfly. I'm not a big fan of that method myself, but i'm a starter, i've always been clear that i didn't want to make you pay for the content and i really didn't know any other way, so i've been looking for a solution for a while now (some of you already know about it ;))and i think i've found it.

From now on you will see that ads appear when you click anywhere. A new tab will open. You just have to close it and click again wherever you want to access. Don't know, let's see how it works. Any comments or suggestions, you can make them here or send me an email (

I hope this solution is to everyone's liking (fingers crossed) and that you all continue enjoying my creations.

Thx a lot for your patience.


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