Doors 3

25 recolors.

Base game. No mesh needed.

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    1. Hi lacey!

      Im so sorry to hear that!

      Took some screeshots on my game (cant upload them here, damn). They look fine. Have no idea what the problem could be :s

    1. Hi Lorry!

      lacey had the same problem and she solved it by “repairing” the game: left mouse click on the game icon in Origin. Hope it works for u too.

      And if not, try to reinstall the game. Its a pain in the ass ’cause it takes a while, but after that everything works fine again.

      Game updates and cc don’t get along 🙁

      Let me know if u get to fix it, please. And sorry for the troubles.

  1. Thank you Kta for your advice! I did a repair just now, but the recolours for the door aren’t showing up. I only put CC in my game as I need it, so doing a complete reinstall isn’t a bad idea, LOL I shall see how my day goes. I will let you know if I have success!

  2. I know what the problem is!!! When you click on the door it doesn’t show the recolour, BUT, if you just place the door the, it works.

    1. Omg! THAT was the 1st thing i asked lacey, ’cause its true the recolors dont show up untill u place it, but since its kinda obvious and she answered me: “of course i’ve place it!” i didnt think to ask u too :s

      Well. At least u found it. Sorry for wasting your time. Although a set-up never hurts, hehe 😛

      Best regards! And thx a lot for all your likes on Instagram. I really appreciate. And if u have any more troubles, u know where to find me, even knowing i really dont help a crap, hahaha

  3. You didn’t waste my time at all! I actually went ahead and did a full reinstall 😄

    I love your recolours and I am always excited to see what you’ve created so I check Instagram first thing in the morning.

    THANK YOU for sharing your work, I really appreciate it. 👏

    1. lol, ole!!! 😀 All’s well that ends well.

      Aaawwww! Thank u so so much! U just made my day and it has just started! Thank u!!! Comments like this help me keep going ^^

      Btw, next week i’ll be out, so i wont be able to post on Instagram (i’ve tried to make a story but i really dont know how, lol, im so useless, haha) but the website is scheduled as usual, so there will be 3 new updates, fyi 😉

  4. Oh my gosh you are definitely far from useless!

    I had a quick look this morning and saw your updates…….LOL can’t wait!

    Thank you (in advance 😄)

    1. hahaha

      But i am! Yesterday late in the evening, I thought to make a “normal post” ’cause I still don’t know how to make a story! looool

      “I had a quick look this morning and saw your updates…. cant wait” i love it 😀

      U r most welcome! Thank YOU for being there 🙂

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