Hi my dearest all!

Since most of u come from there, i guess u've noticed there's something (not)going on with Sims4Updates.

I don't know what it is and neither if they are off like forever or what, so i've been thinking on a way to keep u all updated without having to invade your privacy by using newsletters for instance, so i've come to this solution:

I created new accounts on Pinterest and Instagram.

If u already have an account either of the sites and want to follow me there, u, 1st, will make me absolutely happy, of course :DDD, and 2nd, and most important, u'll keep updated without having to go through here (the website) to check if there's something new or not (although u should know by now that i post every other day - Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays -).

Hhhhhmmmm, i think i said all i had to. So that'll be all by now.

Thank u all very much for stay there!

Kisses & hugs,


P.S.: I'm still updating on Instagram but i hope to be done in a few days and so u'll start to be notified just with new stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Closed for Holidays

Tried to do stuff enough to schedule it and avoid closure but i've run out of time and i'm short by 2 or 3 posts so... i'm sorry. Couldnt make it :(

But i'll be back in two weeks with more creations.

In the meanwhile, be good, be safe and enjoy a lot!

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Outdoors Lights Issue

Hi all!

I noticed some weeks ago that there was a problem with the lights/shadows of some floors when i use them outdoors, u r all a wonder, no one has complained! But i've been remaking them all.

I'll add an updated download in the post itself and also a file with all together at the end of this one so u dont have to download them one by one in case u know u already have them all. When u get the new version(s), just delete the old one(s) from your Mods file.

This is the list of those affected:

- Brick floors 1 & 2.

- Collection 2 floors.

- Collection 3 floors 1 & 2.

- Collection 5 floors.

- Cotto floors 2 & 3.

- Hydraulic floors 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

- Old Tiles 1.

- Wood floors 2, 3 & 4.

Here u have the file with all of them updated and fixed:
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No more AdFly

Hi everyone!

Since the beginning i've received numerous complaints about the use of Adfly. I'm not a big fan of that method myself, but i'm a starter, i've always been clear that i didn't want to make you pay for the content and i really didn't know any other way, so i've been looking for a solution for a while now (some of you already know about it ;))and i think i've found it.

From now on you will see that ads appear when you click anywhere. A new tab will open. You just have to close it and click again wherever you want to access. Don't know, let's see how it works. Any comments or suggestions, you can make them here or send me an email (hello@ktasims.com).

I hope this solution is to everyone's liking (fingers crossed) and that you all continue enjoying my creations.

Thx a lot for your patience.

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