Bed Blankets 2&3

150 recolors. 2 packages.

- Bed blanket 2 (3 textures, 75 colors).
Find them on Decor/Miscellaneous.
Mesh by SIMcredible! Designs 4 (needed). Get it here.

- Bed blanket 3 (3 textures, 75 colors).
Find them on Comfort/Beds and also on Decor/Miscellaneous.
Mesh by Severinka_ (needed). Download it here.

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    1. Hi Tania!

      They work for me (just checked them both).

      What is prob happening here is that u click to download and then the tab that opens is an add (which doesnt work, ’cause i only see a little number up on the left side). U just have to close that tab and click again on the download button. Then u’ll be able to get it.

      Try again please, and let me know if it works this time. If it still doesnt, then i’ll send u the direct link 😉

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