Collection 3

32 different swatches. 8 packages. 4 swatches each.

Floor 1 (stone). Download here (adfly).
Floor 2 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 1 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 2 (stone). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 3 (paint). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 1 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 2 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 3 (stone). Download here (adfly).

Or download the whole set merged here (adfly).
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Collection 1

100 different swatches.
This one took me a while. But I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy.

There are 5 packages, 20 swatches each:
- Full Wall Tiles (download adfly)
- Half Wall Tiles (download adfly)
- Full Wall Paint (download adfly)
- White Strim Paint (download adfly)
- White Strim Paper (download adfly)

Or you can download the 5 packages merged (adfly).
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Marble Walls 1

4 different swatches.
Although it's actually a mural (2 walls/swatch that match perfectly together, but they can also work separately, so it's really 8 swatches).
Download them here (adfly).
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