Zara Home Collection 1

45 recolors. 3 packages. 15 recolors each.
Blanket and bed pillows show on Decor/Miscellaneous.
Find the throw pillows on Decor/Rugs (also on Decor/Miscellaneous).

Download blankets here (adfly).
Mesh by wondymoon (needed). Get it here.

Download bed pillows here (adfly).
Mesh by ung999 (needed). Download it here.

Download throw pillows here (adfly).
Mesh by NynaeveDesign (needed). Here.
Or download all recolors merged with 1 click here (adfly).

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Collection 2

50 different swatches.

3 packages:
- Floors. 10 swatches (adfly)
- Full Wall Tiles. 10 swatches (adfly)
- 3/4 Wall Tiles. 30 swatches (adfly)

Or you can download them all merged in 1 file (adfly).


Outdoors lights issue.


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Collection 1

100 different swatches.
This one took me a while. But I'm happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy.

There are 5 packages, 20 swatches each:
- Full Wall Tiles (download adfly)
- Half Wall Tiles (download adfly)
- Full Wall Paint (download adfly)
- White Strim Paint (download adfly)
- White Strim Paper (download adfly)

Or you can download the 5 packages merged (adfly).
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