Collection 3

32 different swatches. 8 packages. 4 swatches each.

Floor 1 (stone). Download here (adfly).
Floor 2 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 1 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 2 (stone). Download here (adfly).
Full Wall 3 (paint). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 1 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 2 (brick). Download here (adfly).
Half Wall 3 (stone). Download here (adfly).

Or download the whole set merged here (adfly).
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Zara Home Collection 1

45 recolors. 3 packages. 15 recolors each.
Blanket and bed pillows show on Decor/Miscellaneous.
Find the throw pillows on Decor/Rugs (also on Decor/Miscellaneous).

Download blankets here (adfly).
Mesh by wondymoon (needed). Get it here.

Download bed pillows here (adfly).
Mesh by ung999 (needed). Download it here.

Download throw pillows here (adfly).
Mesh by NynaeveDesign (needed). Here.
Or download all recolors merged with 1 click here (adfly).

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