Wood Floors 21

Hi everyone! Hope u r doing well guys :)

So, today i bring u this new wood floor which i'm particularly proud of. Its ugly from me to say but it looks really nice on the game. Made it some while ago but till now i hadnt been able to find the right place to present it. Problem is that just noticed it has that "lights/shadows" issue and although i had repeat it several times, i dont know how to fix it. It doesnt show nice outdoors and doesnt reflex "natural" lights (like the one from a window indoors). If any one who reads this can help me i'll be eternally grateful :)

If despite everything said u still want to have it, here is the link. Warned u r.

30 beautiful swatches :D
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Armchair 3

40 recolors.

Mesh by Anidup (needed). Get it here*.

* I've been searching and i can't find any original Anidup website. I believe she retired, so i don't know about her T.O.U. either. I hope its all fine. And if not, please let me know and i'll make the needed corrections. Thx. 
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